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How to choose the sliding door & window roller?

Sep. 06, 2019

1. First of all, we must know that the pulley is a non-negligible accessory in the sliding door & window. It is necessary to know that a good quality pulley can be used for pushing and pulling the door & window, so it is necessary to select the matching pulley when selecting.

2. We know that the slide rails are mostly alloy texture, and some of the slide rails are also made of copper. The alloy rails are divided into normal type and thick type, so it is also necessary to select according to the texture of the applicable door or window when selecting.

3. If the door or window is small and light, then you can consider a smaller track. If the weight of the door or window is heavy, you can consider choosing a thicker track to ensure safety and durability.

4. Generally, the quality of the pulley bearing is made of stainless steel. The bearing is tightly installed. It feels soft and no noise when sliding. Even some pulleys can adjust the height, so that make up the distance between the gate and the track, eventually makes your door and track more closely connected.

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